Simply Awesome Meatballs

I recently wrote about my Penne Alla Vodka. Along with that recipe,my¬† meatballs are also one of my most requested recipes, and as it was National Meatball Day, I decided to share my easy meatball recipe. It has a bit of a kick to them and it came about entirely by chance. My husband and I were making meatballs for a party. Usually I would mix it up and then he would fry them up. What we didn’t realize was that we were out of oil ( or maybe we didn’t have a lot). So as we were figuring out who was going to go and pick up some oil, I said “why don’t we just use some Italian Dressing? It has oil in it.” and so we tried it. And not only did it work, I loved the additional spices.


Your favorite Italian Dressing ( we prefer Viva Italian)

1 pound of ground meat ( we use beef but whatever you like)

Italian Bread Crumbs about 1 cup

onion powder, garlic powder and Italian seasoning to taste

1-2 eggs

Grated cheese such as Parmesan. My family prefers Locatelli brand Pecorino-Romano


In a large bowl, mix together ground meat, eggs and spices. My family also likes to add some grated cheese in the mix.

making meatballs
Mixing together meat,eggs and spices

Add in the bread crumbs, mix together. ( Using gloves will help if you have issues with textures or with getting the mixture under your nails)

Add a few squirts of dressing to the pan and put on medium flame. Add the meatballs to the pan, leaving space to roll the meatballs over.

frying up meatballs
Meatballs in Italian Dressing

Cook on all sides, my eldest daughter likes them crunchy, my younger daughter, not so much. Just make sure that they are thoroughly cooked ( at least 160 degrees internal temperature). Add more dressing to the pan (carefully as not to scald yourself) as needed. Remove them from the pan and remove the excess oil. We usually use paper bags to set the meatballs on.

At this point you can add them to your tomato sauce if you wish. My youngest hates tomato anything so she eats them plain.


I hope that you enjoy my meatballs as much as we do.! Please let me know.