Bloglovin has acquired a site that helps to monetize your blog. I have been active as a reader on the site for two years, following blogs that I also follow individually, as well as finding new ones that interest me. Now that I have decided to start blogging, I hope to earn some extra income as well. There are some blogs that make five, six, or even seven figures. I am just starting out, so my goals are a  little less grand. Some extra spending money ( especially with Little M’s prom coming up). I hope you will check it out.


Simply Begin

” The Best Way to Start is to Simply Begin” I have been trying to start a blog for a while now, but was trying to figure out what I was going to say. But I have been seeing this phrase over and over again and today I received another blog post, this time with a watercolor printable, from Clean and Scentsible  and it propelled me over the hump ( on hump day no less). I have written parts of posts getting ready for publication, but they needed things; a recipe needed me to make it and take pictures. Others needed finishing touches. But the issue I was having was my introduction to you.


So here it is. My name is Maria. I am the mother to two wonderful girls. I am a beach babe at heart. I am a reader, a lover of typography, Dr. Pepper (Cherry) , home decor and all things Coastal. I am a former CPS worker and I worked in healthcare for ten years before that. I am #Templemade and #Jerseystrong. I live at the Jersey Shore. I talk with my hands. I am a dog person. ( It’s not that I don’t like cats, they just don’t like me) I go everywhere with a camera in my hands.  I look forward to sharing my (attempts) at typography, life skills, parenting with a legal or safety bent, and adventures with my children.


“Beach Girls can’t shake the sand from their Soul.”~ #beachlife ~share, tag, follow #BeachLifebyBohoBeachGipsy #beachgirls #bohobeachgipsy #sandysoul

Posted by Beach Life by Boho Beach Gipsy on Wednesday, February 17, 2016